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We work with companies and individuals who realize the importance of broadening their client base by communicating with them in their native language. You focus on your business while we focus on building your global reach. 

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Why use Lexik Translations?

We know you have a choice in translation companies. Here’s what sets us apart: 

Quality Translators

We use a rigorously tested network of industry-expert professional translators and full-time quality managers to ensure that the work we deliver is second to none. When the translation is complete, a senior translator will review the project to ensure that it is free of any mistakes.  

Upfront Costs

Lexik Translations is committed to maximum transparency with our clients. First, we offer some of the lowest rates in the industry—we encourage you to compare us with others before choosing us. Second, most of our competitors require you to submit your project before telling you the cost. With us, you know our fees upfront, without needing to contact us or submit anything, and pay us only when the job is complete.

If you are not satisfied with the final product, please contact us and we will collaborate with you on it until you are completely satisfied. We do this free of charge unless you want to modify the original project or instructions. 

Quality Guarantee




Word Count





Total: $


*We do our best to adhere to these rates. Nearly all projects fall into one of these two categories. If for some reason the job requires additional time and attention, we will let you know before beginning the job. 

More questions? Get in touch. 

Our team is ready to find a solution to your translation needs.

Call us:  (312) 767-7916

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